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Our Empatic Academy formats are designed to help pass on our knowledge to your company, and upgrade your design and user-centered thinking competencies.

We believe the potential and ability to be creative exists in everyone.

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    Workshops & Training

    Our UX workshops & trainings are design-expert-moderated working groups, whose goal is to find solutions to problems, work through issues, or promote the development of new ideas and innovations.

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    Guidance & Coaching

    With individual coaching, we offer an opportunity that focuses on the personal and collaborative development of your team.

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    In joint projects, our approach always includes sharing our design and UX knowledge and experience (people, processes and products) for your company’s development in the long term.

Workshops Our Bestsellers

  • Integrate User Experience

    • User Experience & Usability Basics
    • Tools and Methods
    • Best Practices & Guidelines
    • UX/UI Trends

    Duration: 4h – 8h

  • Experience Design Thinking

    • Design-Thinking Processes
    • Examples & Use Cases
    • Tools & Methods
    • Best Practices & Guidelines

    Duration: 8h

  • Journey Mapping

    • Variations of Journey Maps
    • Customer Journey Mapping
    • How to set up Journey Maps
    • Best Practices & Guidelines

    Duration: 4h – 8h

  • UX in Product & Development

    • Integration of UX into Scrum
    • Product Strategy
    • Working with Design Systems
    • Workflows with Tools such as Figma & Storybook

    Duration: 4h – 8h

Partners & Friends Designing

  • Deutsche Boerse Group
  • Swarovski
  • Roche
  • Wüstenrot
  • Deutsche Telekom
  • Heineken

Workshop Details

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Learn user experience design processes & methods. (Duration: 4h – 8h)

Learning objectives

  • What is ‘UX’ and what value does it add to my product development?
  • Overview of the complete UX process
  • Tools & methods to design more successfully and efficiently
  • Further materials & tool sets

What is UX?

  • User experience design, or UX design, deals with the analysis, creation and optimization of the user experience.
  • The commercial success of digital products depends largely on a solid UX strategy.
  • UX includes aspects across interaction with the content and layout, as well as reactions and emotional perceptions during the operation of the application.

Interactive workshop day for the whole team. (Duration: 8h)

Learning objectives

  • Get to know the Design Thinking mindset, methods and processes, with concrete applications
  • Develop an understanding of the basic principles of the user-centered innovation process and its individual methods
  • Discover possible applications and internalize the necessary conditions for successful Design Thinking processes

What is Design Thinking?

  • Design Thinking is an agile method that helps us humans systematically solve complex issues, and dramatically simplify decision-making.
  • Design Thinking assumes that problems can be solved better when people with different skills work together in a creative atmosphere.
  • By focusing on activating the right hemisphere of the brain and thus “intuition and emotion,” people’s needs and motivations are placed at the center, and ideas are developed and immediately tested with customers.

Understanding customers and their needs. (Duration: 4h – 8h)

Learning objectives

  • Introduction to Journey Maps and their application areas
  • Understanding Customer Journeys in the context of the customer life cycle
  • Set up your own customer journey (B2B & B2C)
  • Best practices & common hurdles
  • Further tools & materials

What is Customer Journey Mapping?

  • A User or Customer Journey Map visualizes how a user experiences a product, brand or service, in individual steps, and how they feel along the way.
  • Journey mapping is a wonderful opportunity to gather key decision makers and stakeholders, to promote understanding of users, and to set priorities and make ideas concrete.
  • In addition to the User or Customer Journey Map, there are also Experience Maps and Service Blueprints, which can be used differently depending on the project context.

Effectively achieve success by dovetailing UX & Dev. (Duration: 4-8h)

Learning objectives

  • What are Agile UX & Lean UX, and what added value do they offer in product development?
  • Integrate UX into the development process
  • Researching, testing & prototyping
  • Building and maintaining design systems
  • Tools for design (e.g. Figma, Sketch, Framer) and workflow (e.g. Storybook, Jira, GitHub)
  • Methods & tips to develop in a user-centric and efficient way

UX in Product Development

  • Quality usability and user experience lead to users enjoying a product – and are therefore essential success factors to reaching business targets and goals in the long term.
  • User-centered design and agile development processes are rarely closely intertwined, but solutions exist to integrate both areas effectively and sustainably.
  • Tested UX product designs save costs in the development process by reducing unforeseen issues and last minute changes.

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