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Product Strategy Elevator
Next Level
Product Design

The Product Strategy Elevator is a 3-part event created by Empatic to help companies take their product design to the next level – in a cost-effective way.

We want to make sure that you are a decisive step ahead of the competition. At the same time, we want to create a place for experts from various industries to connect, and enable an exchange of innovative ideas.

What can you expect? Product Strategy Elevator

  1. 01

    Networking with Industry Experts

    Network with exciting teams from different industries and exchange innovative projects and ideas.

  2. 02

    Expert Feedback

    Our Expert UX Audit will examine your product for usability and customer experience, and provide you with valuable insights to strategically advance your product.

  3. 03

    User Interviews & Tests

    We test your product with real users, from your target group, and examine specific focus aspects of the product in depth – which are defined in advance together with you.

  4. 04

    Product and Strategic Recommendations

    Our experts summarize all the findings, and provide you with a specific product and strategy recommendation document.

  5. 05

    Design Thinking & Customer Experience

    Together, we will address the topic of customer experience and learn how to apply design thinking practices in context, so that you can repeat these directly in your everyday business life.

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Frequently Asked Questions


The primary goal of the Product Strategy Elevator is to help companies refine their product strategies, and develop innovative ideas through an intensive, three-day program. The event offers a combination of networking, expert feedback and practical workshops. Participants get the opportunity to have their products evaluated by UX experts, identify new market opportunities, and develop strategies to improve user experience and product performance in the long-term. This can help to gain a competitive edge and strengthen market position.

The event includes a variety of activities, including networking sessions where attendees can connect with other professionals and industry experts. There are also specialized workshops that focus on design thinking, prototyping and user research. Another important component is the testing and feedback sessions, where products are reviewed, and strategic recommendations are made. These activities are designed to provide practical and immediately actionable insights that can be directly incorporated into product development.

To get the most out of the Product Strategy Elevator, participants should have a clear idea of their current product strategies and the challenges they face. It is advisable to bring detailed product descriptions, and whatever market analysis and user feedback you have already. Participants should also be prepared to work openly and collaboratively to make effective use of the workshops and feedback sessions. Prior to the event, there will also be a list of materials and preparation steps that will be sent to registered participants.

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Questions? Talk to our Sales Lead Jessi about how this event can help you.