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Klickmal. Making product decisions based on insights, not intuition.

A UX audit is the ideal way to discover your product’s untapped potential. That’s why Wüstenrot wanted our expert UX auditors to put their Klickmal app to the test. Working with the Wüstenrot team, we planned and carried out a series of usability testing days, and our ongoing user studies are helping to develop the app even further.

  • Background

    The Wüstenrot Group, a long-standing Austrian company, has set itself the goal of becoming not only the foremost digital financial service provider in the country, but the most individualized one too.

    The company’s Klickmal app was specially created to fit the needs and habits of digital natives. End-users can use the app to manage their finances and insurance, and seamlessly interact with Wüstenrot’s services. The Klickmal app is helping Wüstenrot to digitize their personal services—and is becoming its own digital brand in the process.

  • Challenge

    When it comes to digital finance products, people have high expectations. Customers are looking for the same quality that they are used to with apps from other large companies.

    Wüstenrot wanted to ensure that the Klickmal app could meet these high expectations and be popular with their customers. That’s why the company’s innovation team decided to collaborate with Empatic UX.

Design project process graphic from goal definition, to expert review, to usability testing, to evaluation, to the final UX audit report.


Klickmal’s UX audit started with a series of expert reviews to define the product’s problems and goals, and to develop hypotheses. To check their validity, we created user tests, which were carried out with the Wüstenrot team during a test day. This was done using a workshop format developed in-house by Empatic and involved real, potential customers being asked to evaluate different prototype versions of the app. The Empatic team was responsible for recruiting the testers, developing the testing methodology, carrying out the tests, and evaluating the results.

Design feedback from the testers, Wüstenrot and Empatic.


The results of the UX audit and user tests were evaluated in goal-orientated reports. By testing the prototype version of the Klickmal app, we could identify user problems early on in the process, and incorporate them into further development phases. Repeating the user tests throughout the development cycle made sure that the final version of the app offered a positive user experience and met the expectations of Wüstenrot’s customers.

  • 1

    High-level recommendations for issues that affect overall product performance

  • 2

    An overview of the usability and user experience problems sorted by complexity

  • 3

    Detailed lists of UX problems with descriptive examples

  • 4

    An action plan for solving the defined problems

Methods we used

  • Accessibility Evaluation

  • Critical Assumptions Mapping

  • Heuristic Evaluation

  • Information Architecture

  • Personas

  • Remote User Testing

  • Requirements Mapping

  • Target group interviews

  • Think-Aloud-Protocol

  • Usability Testing

  • User Stories

  • User Test

  • UX Research

  • Wireframes & UI-Design

  • Workshop

"Empatic showed us which solutions we could implement quickly and how we could develop the product strategically."
Nina Tamerl, Head of Innovation & Marketing | Digital Development & Data Science Wüstenrot Gruppe