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BORA Customer Research

One Step Ahead:

Our successful collaboration with BORA shows how research can provide valuable insights not only for digital products, but also for complex topics such as cooking, social experience and kitchen appliances.

This customer-centric approach enables BORA to tailor product innovations to customers needs, and create increased customer satisfaction and long-term business success.

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  • Background

    BORA develops and produces innovative premium built-in kitchen appliances, to the highest design standards. After their cooktop extractor systems, the BORA X BO steam oven is the logical next step. BORA is aiming to evolve from a specialist in cooktop extractors to a specialist in the kitchen living space. Their design blends harmoniously into the kitchen architecture and allows you to focus on the essentials: enjoying food together.

    BORA aims to gain a more comprehensive understanding of its customers and their individual requirements, so that they can tailor their products even better to the needs of key target groups.

  • Challenge

    The aim of our ongoing project is to develop an in-depth understanding of BORA’s customer groups, gain insights into their cooking behavior, and identify usability issues with existing products.

    This will enable BORA to steer its product innovation in the right direction, increase customer satisfaction and further strengthen the company.

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Project Process

The research process comprises several test cycles in which the focus alternates between different topics and products.

To answer the specific research questions, we conduct interviews and cook with the test subjects to identify problems and hurdles through observation and questioning (Contextual Inquiry). We also conduct diary studies and Wizard-of-Oz Experiments.

We analyze the collected results in order to understand the reason for usability problems, and to classify the use of the kitchen appliances in the individual cooking contexts. These results are discussed directly with the respective product teams.

Our Methods

  • Critical Assumptions Mapping

  • Diary Study

  • Discovery Workshop

  • Journey Mapping

  • Target group interviews

  • Usability Testing

  • User Test

  • UX Research

  • Workshop

Do these methods sounds interesting to you as well??

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The results of the research are extremely diverse – and of great relevance to the entire BORA organization. We find usability issues with existing products, in addition to valuable feedback on products not yet on the market.

The insights gained into people’s cooking behavior enables BORA to identify different types of cooks, and better understand their specific needs.

The research findings are shared throughout the company and serve as a basis for customer-centric product development and marketing. This research lays the foundation for future product innovations and increased customer satisfaction.

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