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Acredia Customer Journey Mapping

ACREDIA mobilizes the power of user interviews

Companies that put the customer at the center of their mission are more profitable than their competitors. Together with ACREDIA, we used the transformative power of the customer journey map to bundle valuable research and create focus on the customer’s perspective.

Today, the entire company sees customer interaction in a new light.

  • Background

    ACREDIA is the market leader for credit insurance in Austria, and specializes in the assessment of business risks and the hedging of payment defaults. In this exacting industry, the company recognized the crucial importance of a customer-centric approach.

    With the aim of optimizing collaboration across diverse customer groups, they were looking for a reliable partner who could support them in this endeavor. They ultimately chose Empatic to help them make a groundbreaking change together.

  • Challenge

    When you have worked with your own customers for many years, it is natural to believe you know their needs, challenges, and processes inside out. Our experience however shows us that processes and requirements are constantly changing. Over time, operational blind spots creep in and inconsistencies in the processes are hard to recognize.

    This is exactly where our project came in. Our mission was to illuminate the entire customer journey along the complex credit insurance process, and identify customers’ true pain points. By developing this comprehensive understanding, we wanted to revolutionize and sustainably improve the customer experience as a whole.

  • 3

    Collaborative Workshops

  • 1083

    Minutes of Interviews

  • 20

    New customer steps uncovered

  • 4

    New service concepts generated

Project Process

In this project, we used three collaborative, interdisciplinary workshops and customer feedback from 18 interviews to put the company and customer perspectives in context.

The interviews with four different stakeholder groups formed the data basis of the project. We immersed ourselves in the insurance process from the customer’s perspective, starting with their first contact with credit insurance, through the onboarding process, to the diverse further steps they go through.

In the end, we created a holistic understanding of how insurance processes are integrated into the daily business operations of different companies of different sizes and industries.


In the three co-creation workshops, we compared the company and customer perspectives, completed the Customer Journey Map, and used the insights we gained to create the basis for improving the customer experience.

With our Customer Journey Map in hand, we identified the Moments that Matter that are crucial for customer satisfaction. To make these moments positive and sustainable, we guided the experts through the ideation process that led to the development of service blueprints.

Methods we used

  • Discovery Workshop

  • How Might We Questions

  • Journey Mapping

  • Outcome-Driven Innovation

  • Service Blueprint

  • Storyboarding

  • Strategy & Concept Development

  • Target group interviews

  • User Journey Mapping

  • UX Research

  • Workshop

What could these methods look like for your project?



In addition to an 8-metre-long customer journey map, the project kicked off a new type of customer orientation throughout the company.

The project team were activated as ambassadors for customer-centricity, and shared the project findings in the form of a company-wide event, where everyone was invited to contribute their thoughts, but also to rethink their own processes.

Through this customer journey map, ACREDIA gained a deep understanding of qualities that are particularly valued by customers, such as personal advice and exchange.

However, we also identified steps that required urgent improvement. These were successively addressed, and changes implemented, with the help of a cross-divisional Customer Journey Committee.

Beyond this project, ACREDIA has now set up an innovation lab that uses these newly gained insights. They are currently working deeper on new products and processes, which are being aligned with customer needs with our continued support.

Bilder von einem Customer journey Mapping Workshop
“The Empatic team got to grips with our issues in a very short space of time and acted flexibly. The project was a great success!”
Daniel Husung, Digital Innovation Manager, ACREDIA Versicherung AG