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Kiweno Personalized Health

Branding and
Website Relaunch

We supported Kiweno with the relaunch of their website, incorporating user-centered methods and workshops. With the new focus on their brand image, we guided them in sharpening their business goals, differentiating from the competition, and communicating all of this through a new branding.

  • Background

    Kiweno helps people take control and monitor their own health. They provide a wide range of services, to give people the tools they need to live healthier lives. Their service offering began simply by providing home testing kits for a variety of nutritional deficiencies or conditions.

    However, as the personalized health market grows, they have expanded to offer a diverse range of monitoring and treatment solutions, as well as general knowledge.

  • Challenge

    Increased competition, and evolving business goals meant it was time for a change. However, their existing website had grown too unwieldy to function effectively or easily update.

    Organizing, and effectively communicating this diverse product offering is a challenge that requires getting into the shoes of real users, and empathizing with their real problems. We took advantage of this time to redesign their website from the bottom-up, in a user-centered way.

Project Process

Starting with a broad research phase, we used internal analysis and user interviews to clearly define the problems with the status quo, how these impact real users, and how we can solve them.

Internally, we pushed the Kiweno team about their existing concerns and analyzed their current website and products from quantitative and qualitative points-of-view. We supplemented this with an extensive competitor analysis and interviews with potential customers, to get to the root of the problems they see internally.

As we re-positioned and prioritized these from the perspective of the users, we conceptualized a new, cohesive concept and strategy for the brand. We illustrated this through a comprehensive information architecture, plus an entirely new Design System and new UI design for their website.


The focal point of our collaboration for this project was facilitating a variety of workshops for different members of the Kiweno team.

We began with a Kickoff Workshop to outline the entire project and its goals, then moved to a Journey Mapping Workshop to understand and model the entire sales funnel from the users’ perspective. As we developed the final design, we conducted several specialized Thinking Hats workshops to challenge and push the design while standing in the shoes of the users.

Learn more about our approach to UX Training, and specific workshops on our Academy page.

Methods we used

  • Art Direction

  • Competitor Analysis

  • Critical Assumptions Mapping

  • Design System

  • Discovery Workshop

  • Heuristic Evaluation

  • How Might We Questions

  • Information Architecture

  • Jobs to be done

  • Journey Mapping

  • Outcome-Driven Innovation

  • Personas

  • Prototyping

  • Prototyping & Usability-Testing

  • Requirements Mapping

  • Strategy & Concept Development

  • User Stories

  • User Test

  • UX Research

  • Wireframes & UI-Design

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The result of the project is much more than just a new website. Through the co-creation and workshop process, we developed a new understanding of what exactly Kiweno is, and what problems they solve for their users. Ultimately, this was very valuable for their entire team to understand their own identity from a user’s perspective.

  • Information Architecture
    A complete redesign of their digital presence to unify their product and sales objectives, while positioning the brand as a healthcare opinion leader. The design is built to be flexible and adaptable so that it can grow and continue to adapt to changing markets in the future.
  • Design System
    Completely new branding captured this new Kiweno identity, and marks this new chapter in their company’s story. This includes a complete style guide as well as image guidelines, content guidelines and functional components.
  • Screen Designs
    Responsive designs for the current website, covering all different types of pages and built around the new information architecture.

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