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ARGE Baustahl A boost of efficiency.

Transforming business processes through digitalization

As the construction industry becomes ever more competitive, efficiency is a must if you want to succeed. We are helping ARGE Baustahl to digitize their workflows, spread knowledge within the team, automate repetitive tasks and ultimately increase productivity in the company.

  • Background

    ARGE Baustahl provides a diverse range of services in the construction industry. Blasy specializes specifically in the processing of reinforced steel and has earned its long-standing reputation by constantly developing innovative products and solutions. With a progressive web app, Blasy can take their workflow optimization to the next level.

  • Challenge

    Processing and installing reinforced steel is a complex process which involves many different companies being in the same place at the same time. Until now, coordinating this has always been a manual process but a flexible mobile app would make this process much more efficient. However, an app like this is only successful if its users can be motivated to actually use it.


The first step in any successful digitization project is to fully understand the business and its processes. During a collaborative workshop with ARGE Baustahl, we established a detailed user journey, which formed the basis for their digitalization journey. Several user requirements emerged which would have a big impact on the final product. It was clear that a digital platform for process optimization would have to be an app for tablets that would work both on and offline so that it could be easily used on construction sites.

Logging in

Launch app

Enter profile


Saved user profile

Personal info

Project managers



PM & employee modules

Profile picture

Hour logging

Create project

Select company

Select worksite


Access database

Select company

Select from existing

Create new

Access database


Add collaborators

Worksite preferences

Edit project

Add workers

Change viability


External workers

Internal worklers

Weather warning

Update deadline



Deadline progress reports


Our comprehensive review and analysis of the user requirements revealed that the builders on the construction site needed to be able to use the same app as their colleagues in the office. The Empatic UX team not only created the entire screenflow for the single-page app but also optimized it for touch screens and desktop users and supported the project right up until the launch of the MVP. In addition to developing the concept, it was important to increase employees’ acceptance of technology, so they would be motivated to use the new digital product. The app was successfully implemented and is now used by Blasy employees on a daily basis. We are currently working with Blasy to develop the app even further and address new user and business requirements.

Methods we used

  • Information Architecture

  • Motion Design

  • Prototyping

  • User Stories

  • Wireframes & UI-Design

  • Workshop

René Prugger, Head of Personal & IT und Thomas Prugger, Head of the Finance & IT Department, ARGE Baustahl

Digital, efficient and positively received by staff: our digital transformation couldn’t have gone any better.