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Combining expertise in market and customer research, we offer tailored customer segmentation, optimized Research Operations and support data-driven decision-making processes. Our analysis methods and product tests help people, teams and companies gain in-depth insights into real user needs and UX research.

Let’s build the bridge to user success together!

Our Services


Product Testing

Understand your target group and optimize your product, service or website. We test analog and digital products, conduct interviews and testing with end users so that you can specifically improve your product.

Market & Customer Research

Gain in-depth insights into your target group(s) to guarantee the success of your project. Using market and customer research, you can use data-driven decisions to optimize your products and services.

Actionable Data

With the support of Research Operations, we optimize the collection, management, and use of research data. In the future, you will systematically collect and organize information, to avoid duplicating research work, and make important findings accessible to the entire organization.

Customized Solutions

We want to help your organization the way you need it, not the way we need it. Starting with a non-binding, personal conversation, we will collaboratively find the relevant adjustment screws to scale and meet your goals.

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Our Process


Non-binding Initial Consultation

In a personal conversation, we get to know your product, your service or the general problem. Together we will figure out which research method(s) best fit your project needs.

Goal: Equipped with the right information, we can tailor the process to your individual needs.

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Project Goals

We set the goals in a joint kick-off workshop. We find out what assumptions already exist, and what questions the research should answer. On this basis, we set up the project process so that we achieve our short-term goals, and set you up for long-term success.

Data Collection

Depending on our research questions, data collection involves a series of interviews, usability tests, contextual inquiries, observations, collection of analytical data or online surveys.

We are always happy to involve your project team in data collection so that we can teach, and use the expertise from both sides.

Analysis & Processing

The data we collect only becomes usable once it is evaluated and analyzed in relation to the research objectives. We uncover patterns in the data and develop real insights. We prepare these insights in a research report, a customer journey map or personas.

The aim is for the data to be presented and saved in a way that your organization benefits from it in the long term too.


To ensure our research has an impact, we use these insights to derive the concrete next steps for your project and develop a further strategy. This strategy also includes providing you with the tools, knowledge, and methods so that you can continue to collect valuable data and use it in the future beyond our collaboration.

Our goal is to provide you with the resources you need to continuously use data to work effectively on improving your projects.

Frequently Asked Questions


Our expertise gives you a deep understanding of your customers, optimized usability, informed design decisions, effective product development, increased user satisfaction, competitive advantages and cost reduction through early identification of problems. Our collaboration enables you to adapt your products to the needs of your users and thus achieve sustainable success.

UX research helps to accurately understand user needs, and in-turn make informed decisions. This allows us to improve products, develop new ideas, make customers happy and stand out from the competition. It saves money and time and allows us to create products that people actually buy.

In short: research is the key to a successful and user-friendly product!

After we complete any research project, all the data is evaluated to reveal valuable insights into the user experience. Problems and highlights are identified and presented in a report. If you have (or want to have) a research repository, we process and share the data so that you can access it flexibly at any time.

Depending on the research focus, we also visualize the results in the form of journey maps, personas, or usability reports. Based on the findings, we can enter an iterative improvement phase of your product, to improve customer interaction for existing services, or open up new markets.

We conduct research with digital and analog products, as well as services and their communication. Depending on the problem, we examine the specific product or the entire customer experience.

Starting from an idea without a product yet? Or you want to expand your current product portfolio? With the help of UX research, we can also discover new markets and target groups, and work with you to sharpen your product strategy.

We work with companies of all shapes and sizes. With large, multinational corporations, we worked both with individual teams on standalone products, and with entire organizations on larger training and digital transformation projects. We also work with start-ups and smaller companies, where our external expertise and human-centered processes help refine business cases and ensure their products truly meet users’ needs.

While we tailor each project to our clients’ needs, all the best projects involve close collaboration between your team and ours.

Why are our projects so successful? Because they are based on intensive cooperation and trust. We work with our partners in open, creative spaces where no solution is out of the question until we validate it with users or other UX metrics.

Our goal is to offer our customers effective and implementable solutions. Therefore, all projects only end when we have found a clear path or solution that we can derive from the human-centered design process.

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We are Empatic

We are a dedicated team of designers, researchers and business strategists who believe that the best solutions start with the customer. Since 2016 we have been working on ‘human experiences’ that go beyond the edge of the screen – we look at the entire customer journey, in both digital and analogue space.

At The Human Experience Company, we have already experienced a lot:

  • 25+

    Industries in which we operate

  • 1.700+

    Users surveyed in 1:1 sessions

  • 1.7m+

    monthly active users (MAU) of our products developed in co-creation

  • 17

    Countries, from Italy to Brazil, where we have conducted customer research

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