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UX Trainings,
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With our UX trainings, we take your company to a new level. Our customized training programs enable your team to become true UX experts and create a competitive advantage for your company.

Take the step towards success and revolutionize your business!

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UX-2-Go (2h)

Dive into the fundamentals of user experience and usability. Learn basic tools and methods and prepare your first user study. A compact overview for immediate application in your projects.

Advanced UX Training

The foundational training to learn the basic principles and methods of “UX,” understanding user needs and creating a positive user experience. This includes user research, prototyping, usability testing, and design.

Agile UX in Product Development & Dev

Tailored to developers and UX managers – we focus on establishing robust design systems and efficient workflows in line with Agile and Lean principles, alongside efficient research, testing, and prototyping processes.

Customized Trainings

While we always tailor our training programs to the needs of your organization, with a brief conversation about your requirements, we are also happy to create an entirely new training program.

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Empatic academy

At the Empatic academy, we have perfected our most successful and sought-after trainings. In addition to practical content, approaches and tools, we also offer you the friendly Empatic Experience. Take a look around and grow with us!

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Frequently Asked Questions


Our instructors share their knowledge and experience from countless projects with your team, along with the mistakes and successes that have made us experts over the years. You will gain a solid understanding of UX fundamentals and methods, as well as learn advanced concepts and techniques. Our hands-on training techniques aim to strengthen your team’s competencies in user research, prototyping, usability testing, and user interface design.

The goal is also to raise awareness of the importance of a user-centered mindset and empower participants to create innovative and exciting customer experiences. Through close collaboration with our team, you can expect coaching and support even after the training.

Empatic Academy’s training programs are customized and designed to meet the goals and prior knowledge of your team. Specific tasks or challenges from your business can also be integrated into the training. Let’s discuss together which specific content is relevant for your team and where we should focus.

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Our instructors come from a variety of disciplines: computer science, UX design, UX management, visual arts, business design, and usability engineering. This multidisciplinary approach allows us to incorporate different perspectives and expertise into the training. Depending on the specific requirements and the maximum benefit for your team, we deploy the appropriate experts to create a comprehensive, practical learning environment.

The duration of the training is tailored to the learning objectives and time budget of your team. It can range from two hours for an introductory session on a specific topic to a multi-day seminar. For example, the complete UX basics training typically takes 6-7 hours. It’s often beneficial to spread the content across multiple sessions to allow for practical testing of learnings before moving on.

The results and value of the training include an enhanced user-centric approach in both practical skills and mindset – enabling the development of more effective products and services. This increases customer satisfaction, reduces costs, and strengthens your competitive edge. New collaboration methods also makes teamwork more efficient.

The specific UX skills you will gain encompass user research, UX strategy, prototyping, usability testing, UX design, and UI design using tools like Figma and working with design systems.

Depending on the specific goals and needs of your team, the training can cover competencies such as:

  1. User Research: Learning interview techniques and analysis methods.
  2. UX Strategy: Developing a product vision and working with metrics.
  3. Prototyping: Storyboarding, design communication, sketching, and high-fidelity, clickable prototypes.
  4. Usability Testing: Planning, conducting, and analyzing usability tests.
  5. UX Design: Conceptual design, information architecture, and interaction design.
  6. UI Design: Working with Figma and design systems to create scalable, appealing user interfaces.

These skills will enable you to effectively shape and manage user-centered design processes to develop products and services that meet user needs.

User-centered design is about much more than designing digital products! While UX training does focus on the design of digital products, we also offer trainings that go deeper and are universally applicable. Whether you offer personal services or physical products, design thinking and a user-centric mindset significantly contribute to business success.

Some teams have also found that the focus on digital product development has given them a better understanding of digitalization processes, making them better prepared for future requirements.

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We are the Empatic

We are a team of dedicated designers and business strategists who believe that the best solutions start with the customer.

At the Empatic Academy, all of our trainers have spent the majority of their working hours in a wide variety of projects, bringing a wealth of experience for various challenges. This practical expertise is directly integrated into our training, enriching the learning environment and providing you with unique insights into the real requirements and solutions of UX design and business strategy. With us, you will not only gain the theoretical knowledge, but also learn how to effectively apply this knowledge to your projects.

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Let's ignite user-centered thinking in you and your team.